I am part of a community and network of writers who serve their readers with words that matter.

I am part of a community and network of writers who serve their readers with words that matter.

Jesus and I have been tight for 17 years now. I recognized His voice even before I turned my life over to Him. Before that divine shift, I was a messed-up kid from a messed-up family living like a dirty hippie in the Appalachian mountains. My quest for fulfillment and freedom manifested as self-destruction. At 20 years old I was consumed by searching for something to numb when, quite abruptly, I awoke to find myself pregnant. Sitting in the sunshine of an April morning, I heard Him. From that moment, nothing has ever been the same. Thank God.

Photo by Allison Graham

Photo by Allison Graham

When I said yes to my Father and submitted my life to Him, I never looked back. Since that time, I've been spinning, digging, longing, dreaming, and learning. There have been seasons of stillness that allowed for endless sessions of solitude and discovery and others that were thirsty, when tiny sips of scripture, song and desperate prayer sustained me. I’ve spent time as a single mom, a police wife, a maternity nurse, a community leader, and a non-profit worker in rural Kenya.

When I look back, I see God’s faithfulness through all the beauty and especially the mess. When life feels unsure, I find confidence and comfort in the Sovereignty of our Creator and the future just isn’t very scary anymore. When I see how far He's brought me I'm set aflame with thrilling thoughts of how far we have to go. What this adventure might have in store, I can't even fathom!

I created this space to reflect on observations that challenge and inspire all of us to set out on a remarkable journey. Together we can grow in understanding and wisdom and unearth meaning in the weeds of distraction. We have to be willing to do a little bushwhacking and cut back the nonsense so we can find the winding rabbit trails that lead to revelation.

That's why I'm here. I want to help everyone see the ways God pours out His love on us and communicates with us. I can’t shake the thought that we might be missing this stuff—the stuff that makes sense of it all. The raw, rough-around-the-edges, undeniable, real-life Jesus stuff. The stuff you have to dig for. 

I’m here because I want you to know God's voice. I want to know about your journey and how you experience God's voice in your life. Why are you here? Send me an email at hello@tiamcnelly.com. I want to know you.

Part of knowing where I’m going is knowing where I’m coming from.
— Gavin DeGraw

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