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Here's What people are saying about
Five Ways God Speaks:

"The Five Ways God Speaks piece could not have come to me at a better time as this week I have been asking God to speak to me on what my next steps in life's journey should be. I have not always been great at knowing when or how God is speaking to me, but it is something I strive to better understand and this piece has me well on my way. I realized that in the last few days God has spoken to me through four out of the five ways Tia describes. Now I'm ready to dig even deeper into the Divine!" -Jacki W. from Cornelius, NC

"I really like the "A Day in the Life" examples, as they encourage me (in the midst of the busy/craziness) to pause, take a breath and listen/respond to Him in my everyday life." -Nick T. from Charlotte, NC

"It is easy for me to get caught up in how I think God should speak to me. This was a beautiful reminder that He is with me all day. It was a great encouragement to make my time with the Lord more than just quiet time in the morning but rather an ongoing conversation throughout my day."  -Sara Z. from Des Moines, IA

“My constant prayer is that I'll hear God. And, although my heart knows He "is not far from each of us" (Acts 17:27) it does feel that way at times in my life. Reading Tia's words inspired me to be aware of the ways God communicates with me every day. - Kristen S. from Los Altos, CA