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I feel like something's got to give! I'm so tired of feeling tired and frazzled. My mind spins, my heart aches, my body is failing, and my spirit is so very hungry.

Are you there, too? 

Life comes at us like a bullet train and if we don't put intentional practices in place, it will crush us. There is an enemy of our souls that wants us on a tight rope, unable to relax or find rest. If we agree to walk that line, eventually we'll fall.

Like an engineer designs a car, God has designed us for this race we call life. If we don't keep our regular maintenance up, eventually we'll break down, unable to finish the race.Our maker is continually working to rebuild, restore, and repair our souls. 

When we're functioning properly, He can even transform us into hot rods! He can make modifications that increase our Power and make us capable of fast acceleration and high speeds!

We have a role to play in the restoration. What will it take to step into it?

July 23rd marks 40 weeks until my 40th birthday and I'm so fed up with the way things have been going. I want to enter my 40's feeling like a hot rod, not a junker. I'm praying that God will birth something in that 40 week period that ushers in new life, vitality, strength, clarity, energy, and vision. 

I'm taking this thing 40 days at a time, though. And I want to take you with me. 

There will be seven 40-day rounds of the Soul Care Reset, each with unique themes and content. The first round begins on July 23rd! You can do one round, or all seven. There will be a fresh opt-in for each new round. 

For only $40 a round, just $1 a day, I will walk with you as you allow God to restore your soul and discover simple practices to keep yourself running smoothly.

I will send you a daily scripture reading and a short devotional, along with journaling prompts that will help you reflect, evaluate, and set intentions around the proper care and keeping of your heart, mind, body, and spirit.

Now, the $40 isn't about making money on this journey. It's about you putting some skin in the game. Studies show you are far more likely to stick to something and make it a habit if there is money on the line. 

To make that deal even sweeter, on my 40th birthday, I'm going to do a giveaway! All participants from all seven rounds of the Forty Day Soul Care Reset will be entered to win $400 and massive prize package!!! AND if you do multiple rounds of the reset you'll be entered multiple times. One entry per round! 


This 40-day session runs from July 23th through August 31. You’ll receive:

I’ll send you a daily scripture reading, short devotional, and journaling prompts

You’ll be added to a private facebook group where we can share what we’re learning, bounce things off of one another, and pray each other up.

About every ten days we’ll come together on a video call to go deeper with the concepts of that segment of the 40-day soul care reset. These live calls will be available for later viewing in the facebook group.

Call dates:
July 29, 2019
August 11, 2019
August 20, 2019
August 31, 2019

Rest / Restoration / Abundance / Consistency



You can sign up for all seven rounds and only pay for five when you sign up before July 23rd! That's right. You can come along for the entire Forty Week journey for only $200!!! That's $80 off!

Each Forty Day Round will be unique and new folks will join eith each new round, bringing new perspective and flavor to the experience. I’m in for all seven rounds and I would LOVE for you to be as well!

You are worth this investment. And I need you by my side for this.
Are you with me?


When when my dear friend Katie Dixon saw the Forty Day Soul Care Reset come to life, her instinct was to support and promote. Katie is passionate about supporting people who are eager to thrive, so she's generously offering Soul Care Reset participants 40 days of unlimited classes at @kadifit for just $40.
Friends, that's a ridiculous deal. If you live in teh Charlotte area and you've always been curious, but you've never made this your priority, now is the time.

Our bodies are the housing for our souls while we're here on Earth. Fitness, nutrition, mobility, hydration, and rest are vital to the care and keeping of you. You will find everything you need to get on track with your physical heath at Kadi. The staff is diverse in expertise and they're always ready to lend resources, guidance, education, and support to clients. This place has changed my life, guys. I hope you'll take advantage of this offer!

Are you already a member at Kadi? I want to offer you a 40% discount on the reset. This thing was birthed from a conversation with my community at the studio! Just email me at and I'll send you the promo code.

We're built for community and we are better together. Let's dig in and get healthy, body and soul. Together.

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Email me at with any questions!